Moor Spa Eye Zone Cream

Whether you are someone who gets by on very little sleep or whether you are trying to escape falling victim to wrinkles, there is no better eye cream than Moor Spa Eye Zone Cream!

Organic Ingredients

The first thing that attracted me to this product was the fact that it has been made using ingredients that are all 100% organic. From shea butter to rice bran oil, it contains essentials that help rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes the natural way.

I have noticed a drastic improvement in my early morning puffiness and dark circles since using this product.

Not Tested on Animals

If you are anything like me, you will find the fact that this eye cream has not been tested on animals very comforting indeed. With so many skin care products out there, it is actually quite shocking just how many have been tested on our animal friends. If you’re looking for an eye cream that is as kind to animals as it is to your skin, look no further.


I was also really impressed to discover that Moor Spa Eye Zone Cream can be used on all skin types and skin colours – even if your skin is sensitive. If you break out in a nasty red rash after using certain products, you will probably be nervous about trying anything new. Luckily, this particular eye cream is extremely gentle and sure to soothe rather than irritate.

Slightly Pricey

My only complaint would be the price. It can be a bit costly, especially if you’re using the eye cream every night. Having said this though, all eye creams are expensive. At least with this one, I feel like I am getting my full money’s worth!


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