Lifeline ProPlus Daily Defense complex

Lifeline Pro Plus Daily Defense Complex is a day cream that leaves you feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to go! I use it every morning before work and it does so much more than just leave my skin looking and feeling its best – it gives me a massive mood boost too!


There is plenty of science backing this incredible anti-ageing product, which means that you can rest assured that you are spending your money wisely. It uses nanotechnology to provide thirsty skin with plenty of antioxidants, peptides and cytokines – all of which are essential for maintaining a youthful appearance and complexion.

Lasts Up to 6 Weeks

Although the tube is quite small, the product can last for between 5 – 6 weeks (even when used consistently every day!) That’s great news for your bank account!

Light and Comfortable

What’s great about this formula is that it is light and non-greasy. This makes it a pleasure to apply every morning! For those with oily skin, fear not. It is absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave that awful greasy sheen that so many other daytime skin care products do. In short, it is a beauty routine must-have for women (and men) of all skin types.

No Sunscreen

I usually prefer my day creams to contain a certain amount of sun protection, especially as I believe that the sun is often the culprit behind the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles. However, it is easy to apply some sunscreen over the Lifeline Pro Plus Daily Defense Complex once it dries. The extra effort is worth it!

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