AnteAgeMD Serum

The AnteAGE®MD Serum is a product that claims to smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of already-existing wrinkles and fine lines.


What first drew me to this product was the fact that it contained natural ingredients. It is completely fragrance-free. This means that it is safe for all skin types. It is even gentle enough to use on very sensitive skin.

Very Expensive

To be honest, I don’t know of anyone who could actually afford to buy this product on a regular basis. Seeing as though regular, consistent use is essential in order to see satisfying results, it just doesn’t seem practical.

I would feel crazy spending so much on this particular anti-ageing skin care product when I could find something a lot cheaper that probably works just as well.

Combo Use is a Must

What is probably the most annoying thing about this product is that it only promises outstanding results, when used in conjunction with the rest of the AnteAGE®MD products. Not only would this be an extremely costly exercise, but it also diminishes the value of this specific serum.

No Money-Back Guarantee

You would think that after paying the exorbitant price for this product, you would be able to get your money back if you weren’t completely satisfied with the results. Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee offer on any of the AnteAGE®MD skin care remedies and I’ve read rumblings that the people behind this company are not great human beings.

All in all, while the product might work wonders after a certain amount of time, in my opinion, it would be better and easier to find another skincare product that is slightly more budget-friendly and practical to use.

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